Apex Legends was released back in February 2019. Since then, Respawn Entertainment has released a total of four new seasons for it. Each season has brought a lot of content to the game. From some new weapons to cosmetic items, players have enjoyed everything. But the thing which makes them the most excited is new legends. So far, the developers have added only four of them to the game. This is because they have a habit of adding only one new legend with every season. And now, another possible legend who might make his way to the game soon has been leaked.

Apex Legends

Since the battle royale was released, data miners have always remained busy trying to find hidden information in the game’s files. So far, they have managed to leak a lot of stuff, and most of it has been added to Apex. They have also leaked several legends, but a lot of them are still in development. Because of this very reason, players often confused with who the next legend of the game is going to be. Now, a popular data miner has managed to leak some upcoming charms, through which a new legend has been revealed.

New Legend Leaked

Apex Legends data miner KralRindo recently decided to dig through the game’s files. Fortunately, he managed to get his hands on some exciting information regarding upcoming weapon charms. For those who don’t know, weapon charms are slowly becoming the fan-favorite cosmetic item in the game. The bobblehead charms are something every player desires. The data miner leaked several of them, and one of them was of a character who has never been seen in Apex.

I found more charm in the game files from apexlegends

The leaked image of charms revealed a new character who we have never seen previously in the game. However, Titanfall 2 characters will be familiar with him as he is from that franchise. That’s right, the leaked charm is of Ash, who is a project of Hammond Robotics just like The Revenant. Ash, however, was formed after the Battle of Typhoon in Titanfall 2. The interesting thing about him is that he has previously served as Kuben Blisk’s men in Apex Predators. This is something that ties him to the battle royale.

If this is the case, then Ash might become the next legend of Apex Legends. This means that you might get the chance to enjoy playing with him as soon as season 5 starts. However, one thing to keep in mind here is that Respawn has always warned players to not completely rely on the information shared by the data miners. This is because most of this stuff never makes it to the game as the developers replace it with something else. KralRindo is a reliable legend has he has previously leaked some exciting stuff, and most of it was true. But still, we won’t get to know for sure until Respawn officially confirms this. Till then, all we can do is wait for this season to enter its final week so that the developers can start posting some new teasers.