Apex Legends fans have been seeing lots of leaks recently. The developers of the game accidentally placed some important information in the Iron Crown patch that was released a few days ago. Data miners were able to dig deeper into the files and leaked a total of 14 new characters. And now, a popular data miner has managed to find out the abilities of Reckoner, an upcoming legend.

Reckoner’s Abilities

A YouTuber who goes by the name The Gaming Merchant recently decided to explore the game’s files further. Through it, he was able to discover the abilities of Reckoner and that the character is not far into the development process.

So, without any further due, here are the abilities of Reckoner.

Passive Ability – Shield Blast

The passive ability of Reckoner is quite interesting. Whenever his shield will break, it will cause an explosion and damage all nearby enemies. This is the kind of ability that will encourage a player to rush into his enemies and battle them. The YouTuber claims that the most effective strategy would be to rush into your enemies, get your shield broken, and instantly use one shield cell. This will allow you to create multiple explosions.

Tactical Ability – Shield Stealer

As its name suggests, Reckoner will have the luxury to steal another player’s shield. He will be able to fire an energy beam through which he will drain his opponent’s shield and will charge his own through it. This ability alone confirms why Reckoner might become the next fan favorite character. We all know how important it is to keep your health and shield full all the time. Being able to steal shield from your opponents is something that can put others at a disadvantage.

Ultimate – Gravity Orb

As for the Ultimate, Reckoner will be able to throw a slow-moving gravity orb that will save you from nearby attacks. It will basically bend the trajectory of nearby attacks and all of the opponent’s bullets will most likely gather around the orb. This will be useful in situations where you have to take down enemies behind cover.

The abilities of Reckoner pretty much confirm that the character is going to be useful for those who love aggressive play. By using his abilities, you will be able to take down enemies instantly and efficiently. One thing to keep in mind here is that the data miner who leaked these abilities claimed that Respawn can change them at any time as the information is not 100% confirmed.

On the other hand, fans are currently wondering which legend will make its way to the game first. At the moment, Crypto is currently believed to be the next character for the game. The reason behind this is the fact that both Wattson and Crypto were leaked before season 2 was released. However, only Wattson was added to the game while Crypto is still hiding somewhere in the game’s files.