Apex Legends is the new Battle Royale from Respawn Entertainment, released for free for PC, Xbox One and PS4 . The game arrives as one of the big competitors of the phenomenon Fortnite , available for the same platforms, besides the Nintendo Switch , Android and IOS . Which of the two will be the best option? We have prepared a comparison of the titles.


Consecrated among the players, Fortnite bets on a totally arcade style to create a game quite simple and accessible for beginners. This means that it is relatively easy to get accustomed to the game style, since the weapons are practically non-retractable and very easy to control. Jumping from side to side is also a common technique among more experienced players, which is only possible thanks to the less realistic style of the title.

The main difference from Epic’s game is its build system, which allows players to collect resources and create true forts, either to protect themselves from enemies or to cross the map more easily. Fortnite Battle Royale also has a range of vehicles that can be used in the games.

Produced by the same creators of Titanfall, Apex Legends uses the engine of the second version of FPS as a foundation. This results in quite familiar gameplay for those who have already ventured into the franchise, with high-mobility characters and fairly agile and responsive commands.


Unlike in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite has only one map, which changes every season of the game, gaining new elements, regions and points called. Temporary changes are also part of the life of the map, such as blizzards and other public events.

Among the new features revealed for the future of Apex Legends is the release of new maps. For now the game has only one arena, which despite the small proportions is quite rich, with several points to explore and many hidden items. The simplified point selection system for landing is ideal for beginners who want to explore environments to the fullest.


Fortnite has in its visual cartunesco one of its most striking features. Both characters and map and emotes refer to digital animations in the best Pixar style, with lots of charisma, vibrant colors and special effects. Hundreds of skins released are also successful among gamers.

Following the line of Titanfall 2, Apex Legends bet on more realistic graphics, which mix futuristic and natural environments, with the right to metal bases and waterfalls. The contrasting look looks good, and creates very interesting and memorable scenarios on the vast map of the game, which has different regions.


Available free of charge since the end of 2017, Fortnite Battle Royale has improved a lot to this day, thanks to a tireless work of Epic Games, which launches updates and special events for the game fairly regularly. It is possible to see clearly the impact of this care, which left the title much more polished, stable and stuffed.

When compared to Epic Games’ Battle Royale, Apex Legends still crawls in content. Recently released on consoles and PCs, the FPS is still in a pretty ‘raw’ state, with only one game mode, limited number of characters and few shopping options.