Call of Duty is one of the most famous first-person shooter games. The game has been released on PC, Playstation, and on mobile. The game is free-to-play on mobile and provides such a high-quality gaming experience. Recently, the game developers have added a thrilling surprise for gamers. The update has only focused one platform right now and if you are a COD mobile player, here is what you need to know. 

What’s Coming?

As the COD mobile witnessed heavy success in the community, Activision decided to upgrade it to a new level. Right now, players can only select from the seven maps available in the mobile version. However, the official Twitter page of COD posted a six-second teaser that showed multiple maps. These maps are going to be added in the mobile version of COD so that players can have more choices to choose from. Also, the officials say that these maps will be implemented in the next season. 

The Upcoming Maps

The six-second teaser shows four maps to be included. Activision says that these battlegrounds will be available in the next update. If we observe each of the maps included in the teaser, one of them looks like an office hallway. A very straight path with a lot of hurdles in between. Also, a cabinet on the left gives a cool cover to the players. As a whole, the map looks very intense and players are desperately waiting for it.

Another amazing map is the office. A large hall with furniture in it. This is thrilling as we can see a lot of face to face competitions in this office in the future. 

The third battleground shown in the teaser is a shipping place. The map is full of containers and a lot of hiding spots are available. Players are excited as this map looks very interesting.

Eventually, the fourth map also looks like a shipping place. A lot of containers are placed and wide space in the middle is available for the battle.

Fans are more than excited as the caption of the official Tweet by COD said, “Hope you’re not afraid of heights.”. There is no explanation for this right now as this caption doesn’t explain the teaser at all. 

High Rise Map?

The only acceptable explanation to the caption posted by officials is that maybe the mobile version is bringing the high rise map. Although Activision has not given any clue about the map, multiple Android Headlines provide a little clue about how the map will look like. The community is guessing that it might be the fan-favorite highrise multiplayer map from COD: MW2. This prediction is strongly accepted as COD has been observed transferring maps into different parts of the COD. If this is true, it is the best news for the fans. 

There is no official date declared by Activision about the release of the new update. Players are desperately waiting for the surprise as new maps and a highrise puzzle is on its way.