PGL Taps Fantasyexpo as Strategic Partner for Marketing Services

PGL has brought more for gaming fans with its latest announcement.  PGL is a tournament organizer. It has announced that it is going to make a partnership program with gaming-focused agency Fantasyexpo. Fantasyexpo is a leading gaming agency. It offers marketing sales campaigns, creative strategic consulting for brands, and product and event campaigns lol betting. Now, after the partnership, Fantasyexpo will serve as the official marketing and business agency for PGL. Hence, it will bring new sponsors to PGL events. In the past, Fantasyexpo has developed activations in the gaming space for other clients by the likes of Old Spice…

by Dotagang
June 13, 2021

LCS Revamps Co-Streaming Program Ahead of Summer Split Smite Hera

Riot games are staying behind. Fans get thrilled with the latest news. They announced on 24th May 2021 another novel co-streaming program, the LCS Watch Party Program. Fans do not have to wait long for the exciting program. The League of Legends Championship (LCS) Summer Split is going to begin soon – it will be on 4th June. Fans wonder if it is an unprecedented program! Actually, no! The LCS Watch Party Program is a rebrand of the LCS’ co-streaming initiative. The hopes of Leagues are focused on deepening its relations with participants and give them more opportunities to go…

by Dotagang
June 10, 2021

Opinion: Valorant Masters in Iceland Marks the Next Era in Esports

On Feb. 7, 2013, the esports industry changed forever. A game publisher was finally willing to commit the resources to build a sustainable league for one of the most popular games in the world. When Riot Games launched the LCS, it marked a new era in esports. The early days of esports, led by South Korea’s evolution and the dominance of StarCraft, were over and the era of League of Legends and active, strategic publisher support had begun a orphea. Esports have evolved greatly over the last ten years. This is nothing surprising as every technology-based program is advancing fast.…

by Dotagang
June 7, 2021

Five best AK-47 loadouts in Black Ops Cold War for all play-styles

Black Ops Cold War is an interesting game. It has become popular among youth for its modern guns. Gamers love to find out all about the loadouts of AK-47. Here are the five best AK-47 loadouts for you if you are searching for them: 1.    The Most Perfect AK-47 This loadout is the most accurate AK-47 loadout because it can melt enemies across different ranges pubg ps4. Attachments: Muzzle: KGB EliminatorOptic: Microflex LEDBody: KGB Target DesignatorMagazine: VDV 50 RND Fast MagBarrel: 18.2 VDV ReinforcedUnderbarrel: Spetsnaz GripStock: No StockHandle: GRU Elastic Wrap Secondary Gallo SA12 Throwables SemtexStimshotAssault Pack Perks Flak JacketGearheadGhost…

by Dotagang
May 21, 2021

FaZe secret weapon that turned FaZe into Valorant’s champion team?

Faze Clan was founded in Los Angeles in, 2010 and Thomas Oliveira aka Faze Temperrr is one of the owners. The entertainment esport organization has gained worldly fame. It has expanded to the Asian Market acquiring a FIFA Online roster and Thai PUBG Mobile. Faze is Volarant’s champion team. Challenge three has come and gone and along with came the meteoric rise of Faze Clan. With a single charge, the squad of former overwatch fraggers punched their ticket to masters winning the grand finals just for the proper measures. So, how did the middle of the pack team become one…

by Dotagang
May 17, 2021

Atlanta FaZe and FaZe Clan announce Gold Rush and Cash Grab events

Warzone Season Three celebrations are starting! csgo news Faze Clan, the North American esports organization has made the thrilling announcement along with its Call of Duty League franchise Atlanta Faze through a press release. Fans cannot wait for the upcoming event marked with new sensations. The good news is that fans do not need to wait long for the explosive tournament as the first one named Atlanta FaZe $100k is scheduled to happen on 22nd April and the second one named Atlanta FaZe $50k Global Cash Grab on 23rd April. The live streaming of the tournament will be in easy…

by Dotagang
May 1, 2021

Esports Player League enters partnership with Warner Music Asia

Esports Player League (ESPL), twitch as an online tournament platform announces partnership with record label Warner Music Asia – taking a giant leap towards global growth. It is worth mentioning here that Warner Music Group operates and owns some of the most popular and largest labels in the world. The deal enables Warner Music Asia to be the exclusive music partner of Esports Player League. Additionally, the deal includes permission to ESPL to embed Warner Music Asia’s tunes of its choice into its platform. Moreover, the deal is an expansion of Warner Music’s global participation in the esports twitch industry…

by Dotagang
April 29, 2021

Dev1ce leaves Astralis to join NiP in shock move reportedly worth $1 million

Nicolai  Reedtz popular as ‘dev1ce,’ the legendary CS:GO player in a sudden move has left Danish organization Astralis and joined Ninjas in Pyjamas. He spent thrilling 6+ years with Astralis and became the focus of CS:GO esports all over the world. The fans are shocked beyond measures as it was never in the craziest of imaginations of anyone. Astralis suffered a major drop in late 2020 stretched to 2021. The whispers had gone loud about a change in preparation. However, no one ever expected that dev1ce would join Ninjas in Pyjamas and leave Astralis entirely. Dev1ce was a star player…

by Dotagang
April 27, 2021

BLAST Premier Wins Eight Media Rights Agreement

World-popular BLAST Premier has kept the spirit of its fans high again. The thrill of esport is continued as BLAST Premier announces expanded entertainment for the fans in 2021 by winning eight new media rights agreements. The season 2021 is going to bring a new experience of exciting esports and fans can get out of the sickening lockdown blues.  The TV channels that entered the agreement include Nordic Entertainment Group and SportsMax. These channels will broadcast the upcoming esports in many regions like Lithuania, Canada, and India. Esports are generating huge income in the form of pool money especially in…

by Dotagang
April 16, 2021

In the Results of One Singapore Major, Team Nigma Led Their Fans to Disappointment, Why?

The One Singapore Major Esports tournament was based on a prize pool of $500,000 where the winner would get $200,000 and 2700 DPC (Dota Pro Circuit) points. Unfortunately, Team Nigma was one of the few teams that went home without earning any cash and without earning any points.  Team Nigma’s defeat at the Singapore Major was truly a shock to everyone watching and spectating. Nigma received heavy blows from Team Liquid, PSG.LGD, and Gambit before losing their last match in the tournament.  Losing at the hands of T1, on the 28th, for the final match of their second and last day…

by Dotagang
April 14, 2021