About DotaGang

What is DotaGang?

Dotagang is the chief worldwide objective for inclusion of esports. Established in June 2016, Our main goal is to uncover the fundamental stories in esports, from the games to individuals playing them.

At the point when a significant player move breaks, Dotagang covers it — yet we additionally follow it up with great examination.

However, we don’t simply cover the competition side of esports. The large numbers of non-experts who aren’t messing around on the biggest stage are our crowd, as well. That is the reason we cover far beyond sports.

Here you’ll discover quality breaking news, analytical revealing, competition inclusion, and investigation of each significant occasion inside the esports world. Be that as it may, you’ll likewise peruse great gaming guides, audits of gaming pinion wheels, and meetings with top decorations. Dotagang covers a social wonder, not simply just a game.

If you’re interested in advertising with us, drop us an email at dotagang@gmail.com

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